Fast & uncomplicated customer information in the case of an event

  • Defined & qualified contact and information office for customers
  • Information brochure "Customer Information in the Case of an Event" with registration code for people and left-behind objects
  • Emergency box with checklist on the trains / buses

Incident Command / On-Call Team

  • Incident command & emergency response team
  • Logistics & infrastructure
  • Initiation of event management measures
  • Planning of measures of psychosocial emergency support
  • Advising of the affected companies

Back Office / CC Call-Back

  • Telephone handling of customer messages
  • Data acquisition of customer message forms
  • Case management & case documentation
  • Provision of personnel resources CC call-back
  • Logistics for objects left behind or missing
  • Infrastructure call-back call-centre
  • Administration & final evaluation

Call-Centre Hotline

  • CC-Hotline 0041 800 638 678
  • 24 hr. hotline
  • Data-acquisition of the people calling

Case Management / Psychosocial Emergency Support

  • Giving of information to individual people and groups
  • Determining the need for care
  • Evaluation of acute care
  • Organising advisory & care services
  • Brokering further specialist help (aftercare)
  • Initiation of early measures for claims settlement
  • Networking with specialist departments

Data Management

  • Evaluation of the data received & producing of a priority list for further steps
  • Management of the databank


  • Provision of the web-application (info & acquisition tool)
  • Provision of the case management software presentaLine

Provision of the hardware for mobile event management & aftercare centre / laptop & telephony call-back call-centre