Presenta Consultancy Concept and Principles

Trust and Appropriate Attitude

Attention, honesty and reliability is our basis for mutual trust. Our attitude is characterised by empathic perception of the world of the person seeking advice and we look into their concerns and affairs respectfully.

Communication and Understanding

By listening actively we are able to create a climate of trust for conversation and seek to understand our conversation partner's concerns.

Orientation and Identification

We orient ourselves by the needs of the consulters and identify with their aims.

Discretion and Distance

Discretion is a precondition of every trusting relationship. We keep the necessary distance that makes it possible to give good, independent advice.

Personality and Boundaries

Each and every one of us brings their own personality into the intervention relationship. We know our limits, make these known if necessary and refer to other institutions.

Confrontation and Personal Responsibility

We confront our conversation partner with reality, encourage critical reflection upon one's situation and promote the conditions needed for further steps. We pay attention to personal responsibility and want our conversation partner to be able to take their own decisions as a responsible individual.

Experience and Support

With our background of experience, we provide the basis for decision-making and point out options for action. In doing this, we do not set out the path to be taken, but instead support the consulter in the process of becoming clear about their own situation and own aims.

Further Training and Loyalty

With regular further training and supervision/intervision we bear responsibility for all our well-being. We are loyal to and adhere to the agreed principles and valid agreements.